Value Engineering

Blane Casey believes that Value Engineering should be a continuous process. Value Engineering here means having the experience to offer an educated approach to alternative products, materials, and methods that will maintain quality while reducing the cost of your project.

Our Estimators and Project Managers are constantly monitoring your project to find ways to save time and money. Our Goals in applying Value Engineering is to meet budget goals by providing performance and aesthetics at the level of original design by appropriate substitution of lower-cost alternative materials and construction systems.

While value engineering we consider all aspects of your project that could be affected:

  1. Alternative Materials Compliance
  2. Lead Time, Delivery Drawings, and Specification Quality
  3. Alternative Construction Methods
  4. Pre-Fabrication
  5. Schedule Opportunities
  6. Construction Changes
  7. Phasing
  8. Supplier Coordination
  9. Priority Values
  10. Waste